Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pigs, Coons and God's Creatures in Chile

Well family, this last week was better than last week. We worked hard and kept our shoulder to the wheel and got places. We had about 40 people in church and 3 of them were people we have been teaching and they had a great experience. The branch president gave a great talk about the orginazation of the church and it helped a lot especially with our investigator Valery. Valery has gone through many churches and is trying to find the true one and she has had some fear in finding the truth which I think is common among most people. Sunday was great for her and we even heard some things from her about maybe wanting to be baptized so we will see :) As for other people we have been teaching, they are hard to find. We have one guy who says he wants to get baptized, but we can never get to him. He should be baptized this next Sunday, but he is a different type of guy, so who knows. We are seing good things and having success here, but its not easy and there is always a price to it all.
That's a little update of this last week.
I have had a little cold as well for the paset 4 or 5 days so I am trying to get over that. It sucks because supposedly the swine flu just got here to Chile and here in Teno there was one case I guess, but it is way over-talked and made bigger than what it really is, so I have to be careful if I cough or look sick. Recently, someone with the flu was traveling on a bus and people turned violent because they were scared of the flu and thought that the person shouldn't have left their house and it turned into a riot. Dont worry though, its not like that with me and all is well hahaha.

Well it sounds like the life there in the states in Ohio is good. I am excited for a new nephew soon and so we will keep our eyes pealed. Tell porter that the ipod is something material and unless it containes alot of church music he should leave it at home and just get over it because its nothing to miss thats for sure.
As for the coons just stay up at night and shoot the gun at them and laugh as they run away because they have lost. We can take control again and we will not sit back and let them run the joint.

Workin hard,

Scotty Bubbers

Elder Scotty Bubbers

Scott's Mission Map of Chile

Scott's Mission Map of Chile
Scott's Mission Map of Chile