Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome Home Elder Dehner

Scott returned from Chile on Friday, August 28, 2009. He arrived, looking and acting the same as when he left over 2 years ago. Granted, he is spiritually deeper and definately changed from his service to the Lord and the people of Chile. He is struggling with the English language and is listening to a lot of Chilean music. In Sacrament meeting (Sunday, August 30th) Scott gave an excellent talk and evidenced to everyone that his experiences of preaching the gospel had made him a powerful and converted servant. We know that he will miss the work, the people, the language and the culture. But we are glad to have him home. Enjoy some of the pictures below of his homecoming.

Elder Dehner's Welcoming Committee (Mom, Beth, Doug, Elder Dehner, Dad, Kate, Chad, Mike, Amber, Baby Will, Dillon, Miles, Morgan, Tyler, Kelsey)

The Nieces & Nephews (Miles, Will, Tyler, Dillon, Morgan, Kelsey) along with Kate & Chad for crowd control

Doesn't he look great??!!!!!!

Loves from Everyone

The Siblings

Elder Dehner with The Parental Units

Mom Taking off Scott's Missionary Badge

President Martin Providing Elder Dehner his Honorable Release

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Note From Father

Scott.......your mission to Chile has gone by slow and fast; different speeds at different times. I think slower at first and then fast and then this week has been like waiting for a great vacation. It can't come fast enough and yet there is still much I need to get done.

You have served the Lord two years. Not much out of what will be a long life. You are the apple of my eye. The full-time missionary I was never able to be. I wish I could have been your companion. You were "A Savior on Mount Zion" for many Chileans whose lives you touched. I know it was hard work. I know there were tests. And I know there were blessings immeasurably received. I'm sure it seems like life in some ways passed you by, but the spiritual education you received in the Lord's service is worth far more than the 2 years you spent. There is no greater education that the one you received in Chile. You are now well equipped to face life and its many challenges. You will be successful and you will be happy.

I am proud of you my son. More importantly, I know your Heavenly Father is pleased with your faithful service. You learned to serve and to love others. I know the Lord will bless you all your life because of your faith and your service. You are returning with honor. Keep up the good work.

Your mother and I love you. Dad. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Last Update From Chile

All the emotions are here and winding up each day is tough as I get closer and closer to home. I admit I know that it is something I need to do with coming home and what not, but I really don’t want to (hahah). I do, but I don’t. It is crazy, but the feelings I have are so great because I know I have put my all into the work and the people of Chile. I still have so much I want to do, but there is not enough time so we will see how it all goes. I am leaving Teno tomorrow and going to Concepcion to say bye to people and to get ready before going home. Wednesday we are with the President and then to a hotel that night. Thursday morning we fly to Santiago where we will attend the temple as a group. I will then catch a plane and fly solo that night arriving in Atlanta the next morning. Then I catch another plane for Columbus, and then home.

I am working as fast as I can to figure out which things I will take home and which things I will leave here for others to enjoy. It is interesting and it is pretty crazy at the same time. I am trying to stay focused and I am still here in the work, but it is more of a saying goodbye to the work as a full-time missionary and that is very tough to do. I really don’t know what to say other than I already miss Chile and the people and the language. I am leaving here with so much more than when I came. Going with me is the desire to get more and more. It is incredible and really i think that life is like this…..a continual desire for knowledge of all aspects of life; more and more and more.

Tell the YM in the ward to get ready for their missions and to be strong and hang in there, because it is hard, but at the very end is when you understand and it hits you harder than any other moment and it is worth all two years of hard work to feel it. I miss you and I cannot wait to see you Friday. I will be there all ready to give loves and smiles to all. Right now I have to go say bye to some more people, so I will see you Friday.

With all the chile-american love I have to offer,
Scotty Bubbers
P.S. I am loving preparing this talk for Sunday, but it is a beasty one to do after being away from the temple for 2 years. It will be interesting and I hope you enjoy it Sunday. Thanks for all your support.

Whhheeeeew, we made it :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 17, 2009 Update

Oooo dalali Oooo dalali

Okay, well here I am writing to you after a long P-day with lots to do. We had our last trip (Elder Atkinson and a couple others) to Seven Cups (Siete Tazas) and it was a blast. We took somw good pics which I will try to get out, but due to time and with lots to do I can make no promises. This is what we did all day today; it was our last grand thing before we leave Chile.

The mission time is coming to an end, but we still have a great week ahead and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. Yesterday, Sunday, I was able to baptize a girl named Yasisca in the stake center which was fun because it was a big font and she is a way cool girl and anyways the baptism went well. After this we went over to our branch presidents house to eat completos and enjoy the time there after the baptism, since he lives in the same area as the stake center.

Then the usual continued with the work out in Teno. We have found some good people we are working with and will continue to work with them, it loks like they could be baptized soon after I leave if all goes well. They all went to church last sunday and we had six investigators in church with an assistance of 57 people. It was a pretty good sunday.

Her is my delema. Obviously as missionaries we are sent to teach and baptize and to help people recieve their exaltation and I get all of this. They say that we should not get trunky especially during our last week and I am sure I will work and enjoy my time up until the last minute. However, I would like to see and spend a little more time with those who I have known and seen and taught a good share in the mission, but my companion does not seem to like the idea so he is throwing a hissy fit. I don't like having contention. but I hope I am okay in telling him to bug off for a second so I can cherish the time I have with the people whose lives I have touched and who have touched me. I hope you all are understanding to this fact as it really frosts my cookies when people just try to be the robot 100% factory-made work until you run out of gas type and leave no room for personality and love with some things. Anyway, that's enough of me venting my problems. Iam doing well and love the work and everything here.

I met one of Chads companions here in the Alameda Ward here in Curico. Supposedly he was with him when Chad had about 23 months in the mission. Also there is evidently another one of his companions here so that is crazy. Chad does Fernando Fierro sound familiar? I guess you trained him. He is in the Ward of Rauquen in Curico. I will show you pics later for sure. They all spoke great things of Chad.

If you invite friends that aren't members to the church for when I report back they are welcomed in my book and would be a great welcome to the church. I am also tryingto invite some as well, but you being there in thee Ohio can get the job done quite fine I believe. I will try to prepare a good talk for them.

So it looks like we have a nice ltitle suprise that will come to us this Wednesday. We get to go hear Elder Corbridge speak to us here in Chile. I dont know what it is, but my group here in the msision has been pretty blessed with the visits from general authorities and apostles. We have learned and have heard a lot of great things that have been noted in my journal. I am excited for the opportunity to go Wednesday to hear him and it will be a nice ltitle event before the final week comes. I am trying to get all the little things collected here in my bags before the time comes. I know we dont talk about this much, but yes it will happen some day and getting ready is quite the process and it is not easy.

Is there anyone else that has gotten married that I dont know of? It seems like everyone is getting hitched. Also, everyone is much further in school compared to me. I feel like a weirdo for being a freshman in college now haha. I am sure this passes through alot of missionaries heads :)

I am having a good time out here and really find it hard to leave, but I know that these things are limited and I have grown to this point now for a reason just so I can continue to grow later on and it is great.

bubby boy........Scotters

August 10, 2009 Update

Yesterday was Sunday and we had a great day because we baptized Valeria, who is the daughter of Patricia our convert who was baptized about 2 months ago. They are just golden and will do great here in Teno. We took some fun pics and then got down to business.

We had the font all set to be filled up and we turned on the water and the hot water was coming out. We left for awhile and right after we left, someone came along and thought it had been left on, so they turned it off. So, when we got to the baptism the water was pure and freezing.

I was the lucky one who got to baptize that day and so Valeria and I had a hard time breathing and keeping things cool, haha. but it all worked out and we got the baptism out of the way and got warm after we put new clothes on.

Here are some other miscellaneous pictures taken Saturday (2 days ago):

Flying Solo

Having had a companion stuck to my side for 24 months, I was surprised to get my travel plans from the President Chavez this past week and see that I will be flying by myself from Santiago, through Atlanta and home to Columbus. That will seem a little weird.

Great Day of "P" - Visit to Los Quenes

Today is the great day of P and we took a lovely trip to los queƱes. this is a park up where snow usually is and some other pretty parts to walk around and see the nice sites. We took plenty of photos and enjoyed the outdoors. We found a place where there was a cave and so we decided to go inside, but the water was there up to our calf and so we had to take off our shoes. The water was amazingly cold and so many did not do it. Elder Micheles and I were the brave ones who faught through it and stepped on the stones (not feeling anything) to see what the cave had to offer. It got dark inside and so we had to keep taking pics to shine the way and it was quite the adventure until we found an outlet or two. We came back in one piece and with cold pooties. The trip was fun and it might be the last trip we have this transfer before I leave. Hopefully that is not the case, because Elder Atkinson and I want to go to seven cups; he has never been there so that might be next weeks adventure.

We are excited and are loving the work!!!!!

Here are some more Pictures of our P-Day adventure to Los Quenes:

Baptism Day Activity

This last week was quite dandy I must say.

Here is the update on the successful events that took place:

  • We had a nactivity planned on thursday with games and a movie. Things were just going so good that we happened to have 2 of our baptisms pop back into place and they could get baptized Thursday. We turned the activity into a Baptism day/activity so we got the spiritual fix and then the physical fix that same day.
  • Catalina, the girlfriend of Italo, got baptized and also the 8 year old son of Vicky and we are proud of them. They had a great baptism and then enjoyed the activity.
  • The new president gave us keys to the church, but under strict direction that they are only for us and no one else and so it is nice because we can do a little more now with those in our possession.
  • Sunday we went to church and turned on the heaters and got everything set up for our great fast and testimony meeting.
  • That day as well we confirmed Italo, Catalina and Miguel. They are all now members and it was a great Sunday.
  • We had 53 people in church which is the 3´rd or second highest number of people I have seen attend in Teno since the beginning of my 7 months of service here.
  • It was a great day and then we went to the ex-president Jamett's house for the last lunch with him and his family. I say supposedly last lunch, because they invided us to come to lunch on the 23rd which will be my last Sunday in Chile. I love this family; they are a bunch of stallions who get the gospel and work for every principle and blessing it brings.

Catalina (Italo's girlfriend) Gets Baptized

Baptismal Day for Vicky's Son

Another Crazy Week

The missionary work is going well, but we are having trouble getting people to come to church. We have lots of plans for people we are teaching; August could be a busy month for baptisms. Catalina was supposed to get baptized yesterday (Sunday), but she didn't get home late and missed church. We will try to get it done sometime during this week.

The tough news at church is that the Teno Branch President (President Jamett) was released after serving for 20 months. He has done a great job, but his assignment was for about 18 months, so it is time. The new branch president is President Jara and we are looking forward to working with him, because he and his family seem like great one's. Both President Jara and his wife served full-time missions. The only drawback I can see is they only have daughters and what we really need are young men here in Teno. We have also heard that we will also be getting another member of the High Council to serve as the Elders Quorum President.

I am enjoying the time we have because it goes by so quick, but it sure is great while it lasts :) Lets all work hard and get things done so we can go home each day with a good feeling knowing we tried our best.

I miss and love you all and I will see you in 4 weeks. Keep the countdown strong, but maintained to a minor roar, like a little golf clap.

Rollin right along feelin' fancy free

Scotty Bubbys

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bada Bing....Bada Boom

Italo's Getting Baptized !!

Italo....victory over sin

The future of Teno
This last week was pretty spectacular. We had Patricia get confirmed a member of the church and recieve the Holy Ghost yesterday in church. Later that night Italo got baptized. I was not there for the church meeting and barely made it to Italo´s baptism because we did a mini-transfer so I could go interview one of the investigators in Licanten which is about 2 hours away and Sunday she was baptized as well. I only worked with my actual companion for like 2 days of thew week because we had alot of things going on. The exciting part is our confirmation and Italos baptism. He is such a stud and already has a calling prepared for him after he gets confirmed next week. I am looking foward to pounding his girlfriend Catalina in the water next Sunday as well. Everything seems to be going great for us so far; we are finding some people here and there and our investigators are progressing little by little, so they can achieve this baptism for the remission of their sins.

The sad thing this past week was with Miguel. He is our 8 year old who wants to get baptized and we teach him and his mom, Vicky. She could be baptized as well, but doesn't have a desire, even though she has passed two interviews. She said that her son could get baptized and we had it all ready this last Sunday. Then she came out with this excuse that he could not do it because she wanted to be there and that this Sunday they could not go to church because of an economical issue. This is a bunch of garbage because she doesn't need money to walk to church which she has done before; she was just throwing out poor excuses. I wanted to be there to talk to her but I was in Licanten doing a baptismal interview. We are hoping that Miguel will be able to get baptized this Sunday and that his mom will soften her heart and get to church so that he has completed this goal.

This Wednesday we have our Zone Conference and it is my last. It will be my last in the mission and I get to share my testimony with everyone. I am excited to do it, but I am not excited for it to be my last conference. I guess all good things come to the end so far as the mission is concerned, but the work will never be stopped until the lord decides it to be time.

I will keep on working hard here in the mission and in Teno. Hopefully we are making a good dent in the Lord's work to help His church grow here on the earth. I am loving my time here and enjoying every minute. Keep up your prayers for me and my companion and for our investigators, so they can progress and join the herd of sheep counted among his flock. I love each and every one of you and I hope that we have a great week. Thanks for everything. I love you Muah!!! Hugs not drugs xoxox
oh how it burns my soul, Scotty Bubbers
Keep it real, Dawgs.

Updatez My Dawgz

Ok, so this last week was great, like all the others. We are trying to firm up some baptisms for this month, especially with Italo and his little girlie, Catalina. We had them get their interview Sunday and they both passed. They have some problems believeing in a modern prophet (Thomas S. Monson), but they are willing to obey Christ and the commandments so they are going to get baptized; Italo on the 19th and Catalina on the 26th. They are amazing and we love them to death.

Genealogy info........ Italo is a stud on this and he has a geanology family tree on his computer that he has been working on with info and pics for everything and it is amazing. They loved the idea when I told them that the church was really involved with things like this. We have alot of other options for baptism this month as well and hope to be seeing some good miracles this month.

Yesterday we had a special stake conference which was not scheduled and we heard from President Barro one of President Amados' counselors. It was a great talk about how we are now focusing on saving those members who have fallen away from the church and all the things we need to do for it and what it means. It was a great talk and, I believe, really necessary for this stake and for chile.

Today is P day and we heard about our transfers and it looks like I will be staying up here in Teno until the end as a District leader with Elder Cantua still. It will be good and I would have rather had it this way I think because it would of been annoying to have left and met new people and then not be able to see my converts again. Anyways thats the news for what is going on in the mission up here in Teno so far.

Life sounds good at home and I can see and feel that we are being blessed in many ways. Lets keep up the great work and not lose hope ever and keep our focus on the kindom of God. We will be greatly blessed in our lives if we keep firm to the rod; that is the straightest and safest way to the eternal kindom. Keep up the great work and I hope that we all have a lot of success this coming week Let's do our best to keep a smile on our faces because we know and have the truth in our lives. This is hard to show and teach people when they dont believe nor have they felt it, so that's why our example is a perfect teacher.

"Teach the gospel, when necessary use words" Have a great week and know that you are l-o-v-e-d Loved. Wear my love as your shield, I know honest. Muah you're the best!!!!

Put your shoulder to the wheel, Scotty Bubbers

Siete Tazas

For P-day (today) we traveled up by siete tazas (seven cups) again and we went a diferent way to a little area called El Toro and there we hit up the river with some hardcore fishing.

The Road to Siete Tazas (Seven Cups)

Siete Tazas

Up River

Down River

Hardcore Fishing

The fishing usualy is great there supposedly, but today it went a little slow and that was a bummer. The place is beautiful and it was fun being by the river in that senic view. We brought stuff to grill up some longaniza (sausages) and ecco (like pero) and we hung out by the river casting out the rod. The best part was we went with out new investigators Italo and Catalina; they are our future hope for Teno.

They are dating, but not living together so it is great to finally ge a stroke of luck there in chile with that item of business. They are awesome!! Italo is a pretty sucessful guy. He is 25 with a pet food shop here and is doing well and his girlie, Catalina is 19 or almost 20 and is studying. Anyway, everything was fun and we enjoyed ourselves and had some good bonding with these future members.

A Successful Week

We had a lot of success and it was great to see. I think we have totally been blessed this last week. We found a lot of good people to teach that look like they could already be on fire to get baptized. We held an activity on Friday and it was great because we had a lot of investigators there and it was pretty rare to see; I know everyone was happy.

We came up with a game for our activity and i thought it would be a fun idea to make a human gameboard on the floor so we could move and play ad if we were the objects on a table game. It was great and we all laughed and ate and learned alot. This was great and it led up to us having 4 investigators in church and we were happy for that as well. Three of them stayed to see our investigator Patricia get baptized.

She finally did it after so many trials in her life with family deaths and being out of town. Our baptism (Felix) that we had 2 weeks ago also was confirmed and recieved the priesthood. The work is really moving foward here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Felix Gets Baptized

Felix was baptized, but Patricia had to go out of town and so she was not baptized; hopefully next week. Not only did Felix get wet, but the last two days it has rained non-stop pretty heavy. The area really needed it, since we have been in a drought. Fortunately for us we have good umbrellas and people have let us in their houses. The rain stopped during the night and this morning it was all clear and beautiful, especially the snow covered mountains.

These are the days that you don't want to stop!!

This past week in my interview with President Chavez he asked me if I had a
preference for a transfer because I am coming up on my last one. I told him that I was willing to do anything and that he could leave the decision in the Lord's hands. He said alright and then asked if I was still happy or if I was bored of Teno and I told him that we are working and having a good time in the work and have a lot of desires for the following month and then he kind of hinted and made it seem like I would just end here because it would be more of a bother to move me on the last transfer. If that's the case, as much as I love my comp I think I would like to end with a latin just to be able to go out speaking spanish with a native. We will see what happens; either way I am happy to be here as a missionary.

The work here in the mission has changed al ot, we use to do tons of contacts and work on finding a lot. Now we are working with members and referrals and our style of teaching has been changed 100%. Instead of it feeling like we are convincing people of Joseph smith and the restoration we are teaching people from the very first contact that they need to repent and be baptized and then we give them a baptismal date from the very first conversation, in the street or at their door. This has helped the mission tons and we are seeing amazing things happen. Fear has been driven out and I think this is what we have needed to do from the very begening, but the Lord has prepared us in a way so that way we could be effective instruments in doing these things. It is amazing the viewpoints that people have on this, but it is a great work and a great message.

As for my cold and sickness, i am getting better i believe and so that is great. I just went to a pharmacy and asked for drugs because you can just buy alot of things here without a doctors reference so i went and got that stuff Dad told me about (Z-Pak) and some amoxicilin and am still kickin the vitamin C and it seems to be doijng something. A lot of people are sick here now so it is just a time to watch our health. Thanks for the prayers and support.

The Swine Flu Bash Brothers

There are many versions of the Bash Brothers. I think it started with Fulton Reed and Dean Portman in The Mighty Ducks. The latest is Elder Dehner and Elder Dallin H. Oaks who met elbow to elbow in Concepcion this past Friday during a special conference in Concepcion. All the missionaries from the Concepcion and Concepcion South missions met in conference with our respective mission presidents, the Area Presidency (President Amados and his counselors) and Elder Oaks.

Due to the scare of the Swine Flu, hand shaking was not allowed, but Elder Oaks went elbow to elbow with all the FTM's. It was great. The Conference was really inspiring. Elder Oaks said he could feel a special spirit in our meeting that he had not felt in others previously.

All the talks were good, but expecially Elder Oaks'. He spoke with a voice of thunder and gave us encouragement as missionaries. He spoke a lot on being grateful for what you have. It was fun to hear in English and then hear in Spanish as the translators repeated their words. It is great that God calls us as his little helpers to complete his work on earth; we just need to do our best and be grateful for what we have been given, be obedient and be blessed.

Our teaching this past week netted some good results. We found a fun couple to teach. They are dating right now, but not living together, so we shouted for joy, because that is rare here in Chile. They will be great members one day, I feel. We also have two baptisms for the Sunday. One of the two must not smoke for this week in order to qualify for baptism. We will help him there and keep our prayers for him going.

Yesterday we taught one of our investigators whom I love. He is from Equador and is progressing a lot. He was drinking a little bit because he was sad and a little depressed being in Chile without family or or kids on Father's Day. We helped him and I changed his thoughts and mood from feeling bad to being more joyful because I helped him understand how he could repent and get better and fix some things and that made him smile, which was nice.

I was asked again to speak in church once we got there (happening quite a bit). I spoke about the love of God and how the greatest gift he can receive is to have his sons and daughters come home to him. The Spirit was strong and helped to make this Father's Day great. We ate lunch with our Branch President and his family.

It is winter here and I miss our walls, roof, insulation, fireplace. Here we have wooden boxes with tin roofs and make-shift fire stoves. But, I can take it and be grateful as Elder Oaks said.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Last Week Was Good

Ok well this last week was good; we made some good progress with one of our investigators and she is getting baptized this Sunday. We are really excited about that, because each baptism here is like a 4th quarter touchdown to win the game. This place needs help so we just get so excited when we can dunk another one of God's childeren in the water. We have some investigators that are progressing as well and they just keep getting closer to the water each day. Hopefully we will see some good things come from our labors and the investigators as well. Pretty much the big news of this week is that we are going to have a baptism this Sunday. We are building up the Relief Society more with women, but the men seem to be harder to get prepared for baptism. That is sad, but we just gotta keep our heads up.

Ok well the exciting thing about this week other than our baptism is that we get to go tomorrow (Friday) down to Concepcion to see Elder Oaks talk along with our Area Presidency and some other folks. I believe that our mission and the South Concepcion Chile mission are invited to this nice ltitle event which will take place at 3:00pm. We get the fun privilage of traveling from the most northern point of our mission to the south to see this and we are excited about it even though it will take 6 hours in a bus. When you come to think about it 6 hours on a bus isn't anything really.

This last Monday we played dodgeball with all the missionaries again. We had a good time and it was fun having an activity and doing something more active outside of the house for a change. It has been raining here for two days, but we are doing alright. I am still getting better from being sick; I don't think it has completely left, but we are winning in the Lord's work so that is good.

Lovin you muah!!
heres lookin at you kid.

Golf Sauce

There is Golf, and

There is Sauce

And now there is GOLF SAUCE

I wrote my dad and told him that I saw some fry sauce the other day and it was called Salsa de Golf (Golf Sauce). It made me think of him and the great golf times we had. It made me laugh to think there is Golf Sauce.

When In Doubt, Pray It Out

Life Is What You Make Of It

We keep hearing from people everywhere we go about how bad Teno is, and how it is a ghost town. I just brush it off and say that it is what you make of it.
I have been pretty sick and i thought I was getting better, but last week it got the best of me and I lost my voice and I am still not any better. I am taking plenty of medicine; the standards......Nyquil at night, vitamin c, ibuprofin and amoxicilin during the day.
Yesterday we had Zone Conference and learned how our mission is really improving and setting some records in our progress. During our conference we learned that we might be able to go to Concepcion on the 19th to meet and hear Elder Oaks when he visits the area. He wants to shake all of the missionaries hands, which will be a lot of shaking.
"Kicking the cold and saving souls"
Go Bucks and keep up those great quilts Mom; they look GREAT!!!! You make my heart swell.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pigs, Coons and God's Creatures in Chile

Well family, this last week was better than last week. We worked hard and kept our shoulder to the wheel and got places. We had about 40 people in church and 3 of them were people we have been teaching and they had a great experience. The branch president gave a great talk about the orginazation of the church and it helped a lot especially with our investigator Valery. Valery has gone through many churches and is trying to find the true one and she has had some fear in finding the truth which I think is common among most people. Sunday was great for her and we even heard some things from her about maybe wanting to be baptized so we will see :) As for other people we have been teaching, they are hard to find. We have one guy who says he wants to get baptized, but we can never get to him. He should be baptized this next Sunday, but he is a different type of guy, so who knows. We are seing good things and having success here, but its not easy and there is always a price to it all.
That's a little update of this last week.
I have had a little cold as well for the paset 4 or 5 days so I am trying to get over that. It sucks because supposedly the swine flu just got here to Chile and here in Teno there was one case I guess, but it is way over-talked and made bigger than what it really is, so I have to be careful if I cough or look sick. Recently, someone with the flu was traveling on a bus and people turned violent because they were scared of the flu and thought that the person shouldn't have left their house and it turned into a riot. Dont worry though, its not like that with me and all is well hahaha.

Well it sounds like the life there in the states in Ohio is good. I am excited for a new nephew soon and so we will keep our eyes pealed. Tell porter that the ipod is something material and unless it containes alot of church music he should leave it at home and just get over it because its nothing to miss thats for sure.
As for the coons just stay up at night and shoot the gun at them and laugh as they run away because they have lost. We can take control again and we will not sit back and let them run the joint.

Workin hard,

Scotty Bubbers

May 18, 2009 Update

Ok well this last week was not amazing, but we are still in the fight. We had a goal of baptizing 10 people this month, but that won't happen now because people have the hardest time getting to church. Chileans are so lazy and if it is raining they think the day is over. Usually we have about 45 members in church and this last week we only had 24 because it was raining. The life here is pretty much the reason why this country doesnt develop as fast as it could. The kids stay up till 1:00 am and then no one gets up until about 11 or 12 in the morning or afternoon and then they complain because they have to work for 6 hours sometimes. I just don't get how people cannot aspire to have more in their lives. Oh well, I am glad that we are a hard working people and that the church teaches these great principles.

Today we had our P day and we played Dodgeball and changed the teams around several times. Me and my companion are pretty sweet at the game and it took me back to the trampoline days; I was dodging with varsity kicks and slides on the floor and even making stuff up and it was great to play, especially with the Latins. We made a team in the zone with americans vs. latins and we didn't have enough Latins by one person so we put my companion over on the team because his last name sounds more latin "Cantua" even though it is native american from what he has told me. Well the Americans won in dodgeball 10-8 and it was a great game and we had a good time.

After our game we went and got something to eat and then came home, took a shower and then came here to do internet. It has been a good day and I am quite excited to have done something active for the first time in a while on a P day.

This week I hope all goes well for us and I hope that we can get more success and help some people repenst because they need alot of help, especially the one cheating on her husband. We really need these people to get the desire in their heart to go to church and get baptized, the plan is so perfect and the gospel is soooo great and true. I wish more people could understand the importance of these things; even if they don't get the concept I wish they would put their faith in God and know that these things are true. I am having a great time preaching to these people and letting them know of the truth and I have seen and experienced many great things, which I wont ever forget or take for granted.

Thank you all for your prayers and help that you give me. The package with the ties and sweets did help as well. Please keep up the great work and lets get some serious business done.

In the service,

Scotty Bubbers

Post Mother's Day Satisfaction

Well I am glad that we are riding high on life as we have all passed this mothers day yesterday. It sounds like everyone is doing great. I am sorry that I didn't get to talk to everyone but I loved every moment with all those whom I could talk to; especially the mummy pie :).

As you know things were covered pretty well yesterday on the phone and we are continuing to work forward not only today and during this week, but to the end of forever because this work is kind of an eternal calling. Today, my companion and I woke up to rain which was a bummer.

Here in Chile we live under these tin roofs and so in the morning or whenever it rains you can hear it pretty good and that is pretty fun and you hope that the rain doesn't continue all day. We have been pretty lucky ducks without the rain so far this year and hopefully it will continue that way.

After we got up and did our daily prep, we then went to Curico (30 minutes to the south) to do a little shopping and all of that fun stuff. I found a great offer on some good gloves here that I bought. They were about 2 dollars a pair with thinsulate lining and all of that cuddly stuff which is hand made from wool, and so I couldn't resist and bought some for now and for after my mission. After the shopping we took the bus back here to Teno to do some internet time and write you lovely people. That's pretty much all that has been going on for now. We are now excited and re-pumped to move foward after the mother day calls we had.

Working for the people,

Scotty Bubbers

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May 4, 2009 Update

We baptized a young man a couple of weeks ago and now his mom is taking the discussions. We were teaching her this last week and all was well until she recieved a phone call and acted all shady about it and it wasnt any big deal, but I felt prompted to give her a scripture on repentance, hoping she will read it. Anyway, while teaching, the Spirit indicated to me that she was basically sinning, and then it was as if the Spirit opened up my mind and told me and showed me so that I could fortell the situation and know what we were facing. It turns out, as confirmed through a friend, that she has been cheating on her husband with a member of another family we have been teaching. Despite our efforts not to get involved, we as missionaries now need to go and call her to repentance and hopefully open up her eyes so she realizes the harm she is doing and hope she will desire to change her ways. The worst is when people know that what they are doing is wrong and then they keep on doing it and so we hope that is not the case with her, but it will be hard. Anyway it was amazing to see how the Spirit worked with us through the lesson and to know what was going on. The Spirit just hit me and my companion and we knew immediately what was going on and it became so clear and it was a sweet experience with the spirit :)

Hugs not drugs; peace in the middle east; death to all flu carrying pigs. :)

Scotty Bubbers

Another Long Email Ruined (4-27-09)

Once again, this week, I composed a really long email to tell my family all about how things went this week, only to have me logged off prematurely by the unreliable internet we use in Chile. When this happens, I then have to send off a short note with a quick recap. Sorry family. I know you look forward to getting some details, but not this week.

I am doing well here in chile and have been having a good time with plenty of teaching and success and good findings. If all goes well with things me and my companion will be trying to complete our desire of getting 10 baptisms this month of may. It wont be easy so please keep those prayers coming for us and we will do the same for you.

Ruling Teno with a testimony and a blue book,

Scotty Bubbers

Elder Scotty Bubbers

Scott's Mission Map of Chile

Scott's Mission Map of Chile
Scott's Mission Map of Chile